Our Flagship Beers

Entrenched IPA 6.5% ABV, 57-ish IBU

An Illinois style IPA that focuses on malt flavors as much as hop flavors and bitterness. Dry with just enough light German caramel and Munich malts to balance the hop bitterness. Huge hop additions late in the kettle boil and during dry hopping create a bouquet of floral, lemon, citrus and exotic fruit aroma. Not a West Coast over-hopped arms race, not a trendy hop showcase, just an honest beer that reflects what we love about IPA's and the Midwesterners who drink them. Goes great with everything except brussels sprouts, because nothing goes great with brussels sprouts. Available in kegs and 4 packs of 16 oz cans year around. 


Pantsless Pale Ale 6.0% ABV, 35 IBU

A low bitterness American style Pale Ale with loads of American and New Zealand hops for huge aroma and flavor. A blend of Mosaic and Motueka hops create lively aromas of lemon, grapefruit, and dank pine for you Mosaic freaks. A gentle bitterness makes this beer refreshing and sessionable. If we put asparagus in this beer, it would make your pee smell like asparagus. That's why we don't do it.  Available in kegs and 4 packs of 16 oz cans year around.