We're baaaaaaaack....

Oh hi there! After many months of running a brewery and losing hair, perhaps it's a good time to get this blog back up and running. We've basically been using Facebook as our blog platform but that is about to change. 

Facebook will continue to be a big part of our Internet presence, but mostly for short and to-the-point items. Or silly things. Mostly silly things. The blog will be our long form platform for news, updates, longer silly things. Mostly longer silly things.

We're still cleaning up the old posts. The migration from the original Wordpress blog to this SquareSpace blog was less than ideal but nothing we can't handle. Time to bring out a CSS can of whoop ass. 

Stay tuned. We'll have lots of news coming up in the next couple of weeks. Really big stuff. Big. We'll have a newsletter sign up, blog post email notifications, all the things a real business should have.