Another Tap Room Update!

Fire shutter installation completed! Long story.

Man, you would not believe how many people email or message me about the tap room. It's great! The question most asked is: "When will you be open?" The 2nd most asked is: "Will you serve food?". The 3rd most asked is: "Did you forget about the restraining order?"

First answer: I don't know. Depends on when construction is finished (more on that in a sec) and when the inspections get completed. We need a Chicago building inspection for all the construction. Only after we have that can we schedule the liquor license inspection. So that's two, count 'em, two inspections we have to have. And it takes time to get them in and to get the results and to have them come back if something needs to be fixed. 

Second answer: No food yet. However you will be able to have food delivered and we will schedule food trucks to come by. 

Third answer: Yes, but I just want you to like me.

Now construction update: we are about 2 weeks away from final construction tasks! In that time, however, we have a lot to get done ourselves so that the construction can be completed. We're working on it vigilantly. 

Here's a checklist of the major components that need to be completed and their status:

  • Bathroom fixtures install. This should happen next week. Tiling will be done tomorrow.
  • Walk in cooler install. This is scheduled within the next week. This is the cooler in the basement from which we will serve the beer from kegs.
  • Window install. The big window to allow tap room patrons to see the brewery. Should be installed in the next week or so.
  • Lighting installation. Electricians have about 3 days of work to do for general lighting, outlets, and other minor things. In the next two weeks (as soon as walk in cooler is ready so they can connect electrical).
  • Draft system install. We have this scheduled in the calendar but we want to move it up sooner as along as we can get some stuff done (painting the large wall behind the bar, finishing the back bar cabinet construction).
  • Get bar stools, chairs, tables, and stripper pole.
  • Get ice maker, dishwasher for behind bar. 

Safe to say the next couple of weeks will be busy as hell!