Greetings New Visitors!

The brewer behind the curtain. Welcome to the home of Panic Alarmist Brewing! Perhaps you saw the tiny little blurb about Panic Alarmist in today's Red Eye (see previous post). I don't know if I'd phrase my plans as "up in the air" as is stated in the piece. I'm chugging along quite nicely and it's not a question of if and it's not even a question of when, it's a question of when in 2013 will Panic Alarmist Brewing be up and running. If you'd like to know more about my plans and who's behind this crazy idea (that would be me), check out the About Me and FAQ sections. Better yet, grab yourself a tasty craft beer, find a comfortable chair, relax, and peruse the previous posts.

Even if you have absolutely no desire to open a brewery perhaps you'll find some inspiration here to get you to the point of no return to follow your bliss. See this post to find out how I got to that point.

So sit back, relax, drink that craft beer, and enjoy.

And no, I do NOT hate IPA's. I love hops in every way, shape, and form, I just don't want to brew one.  See here for more info on the beers I will be making.  I will also be posting an update on my beers very shortly.