How I'm Dealing With Comments On This Website

Up until today I've not had any problems with comments on the site.  Everyone has been playing by standard blog etiquette.  Today however a couple of folks tried to comment by using fake names and/or fake email addresses.  DENIED! Go on, try to comment with a real email address again. I dare you.

If you want to comment, and I really hope you do, just be cool and provide the information requested:  Name and email address.  You can just supply initials or whatever for your name, I really don't care about that so much, but a fake email address is a big no-no.  I'm not going to sell your email address or spam you.  It's simply a way to ensure that you are who you say you are and prevents anyone from saying whatever they want while remaining completely anonymous.

This is standard blog practice and keeps everyone on a level playing field.

The other thing I will not tolerate at all is rudeness.  If you don't have anything nice to say, go comment on the Fox News website, there's no room for haters here. I welcome robust discussion and constructive criticism, but not without decorum.  Many of us have been guilty of posting rude or stupid comments on the web while hiding behind the inherent anonymity associated with it.  That's not how I'm running things here.  Be nice, provide your email address, and all will be well.

And just to make sure everyone places nicely, I've implemented email verification the first time anyone comments.  You will receive a verification email at the email address you provided.  Click the link in the email and you'll be all set.  It's a one time deal unless you try to comment with a different email address of course.

Also, my policy of approving a commenter's first comment remains in place.  Once I approve a comment from a first time user (based on email address), all future comments will be posted immediately.  Again, a one time deal.

All of this is to keep spam at bay, keep people honest and nice, and to ensure good, relevant content on the site.

Now, onto to more important things.

(Update 4/17/12) After some more testing, I've decided that the email verification plug-in is unreliable. More importantly, it forces everyone through hoops which they shouldn't have to jump through. I will continue to moderate all posts to ensure good etiquette and relevant content. That is all.