Ice And Steam

Another busy week this week, but for different reasons than last week.  My plan last week was to get all my construction costs ballparked this week.  Well, that didn't happen but I definitely made progress and I had two other  equally important issues to address this week, one was income taxes, the other will be discussed in the next post. Steam boiler?

I managed to finally have a phone chat with Tony at Meilner Mechanical, a steam boiler reseller out in the Chicago suburbs.  Meilner represents Columbia steam boilers, which are quite popular in the craft beer industry.  Columbia is based out of PA and their products are made in the USA, and I like that a lot. Meilner has worked with many craft breweries all over the world so I'm pretty thrilled that they're local and have the knowledge I'm going to need.  Tony and I had a very long discussion and I learned quite a bit.  As of this writing, I'm still waiting for my quotes, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I can be pretty damn squeaky.

I also spoke to Bill Martin at Superior Refrigeration.  Bill is THE walk in cooler installation guy for craft breweries here in Chicago.  He obviously deals with all kinds of customers who require walk in coolers, but he's been involved with most of the craft breweries here in Chicago, so he knows his stuff.  Bill was very friendly and knowledgable and will be emailing me some quotes in the next few days.

I'm absolutely thrilled to have the knowledge and resources of these two entities and I know they're going to be extremely important once build out begins.

Update 03.11.2012: Quote received from Superior Refrigeration.  One down, one to go.