I'm Still Here.

When is "Antiques Roadshow" Coming to Chicago? It's been a busy week at work so not a lot of free time for extra curricular activities. Plus, my best friend was in town from Singapore which required a weekend at a lake house and a night on the town in Chicago, so I've had to squeeze business plan stuff in where I could. But squeeze I did! I managed to finish the "Management and Organization" section this week. That's the part of the business plan explaining who I am, what I've done, and why I'm a worthwhile risk. It also lists advisor folks who have been helping me with this effort including brewers, business people, and others. Now I'm almost done with the "Personal Financial Statement" section which basically tells a would be lender what stuff I have to offer as collateral. So far that stuff includes a winning smile, an acerbic wit, and a house.

At this point, I need to start plugging in all of the detailed financial analysis from my spreadsheets into place in the business plan. That'll probably take a couple of days just to get everything nicely formatted they way I want it. This material is the real meat of any business plan, so I want it done right. I'll also need to include a page for the actual loan request wherein I show the actual number I'm requesting and why.

After the financial stuff is imported and formatted, I'll be organizing the material that goes into the appendices including articles from "New Brewer" magazine, website articles, my resume, etc.

Once this is all put together, I'll be sending it off for review with a few select people. I thought I'd have this done two weeks ago, but alas it didn't happen and that's ok. It'll be ready when it's ready and that'll be when I feel it's professionally polished, clear, grammatically correct, and all that good stuff. I want this business plan ready for the big leagues the first time it goes out into the wilderness.

The logo is complete, we just need to hash out a few minor details and then I'll be getting some nice American Apparel T-shirts silkscreened locally by a great place right down the street from me. I'll have more on that very soon.

Finally, I want to give big thank you to everyone from all over the country who has contacted me offering encouragement or just thanking me for sharing all of this material. I've also had many people contact me to tell me my story is inspiring to them to pursue their dreams as well. It's really encouraging for me to have people connect with what I'm doing here. I've had a few moments of doubt over the past few months, but these moments have been very brief and have done nothing but hardened my resolve. So again, thank you for your kind words and I promise you this brewery is going to happen.

Hang on folks, shit's about to get real.