Milestone: Numbers

Screw Research! As of about 10 minutes ago, I now have every single number I need to complete the business plan.  Ok, I need the glycol chiller installation estimate, but I was just provided with the contact info for that person 10 minutes ago as well, so things are damn near done on the numbers front.  I now know EXACTLY how much my start up costs will be and EXACTY how much my monthly costs will be.  This is going to be an incredibly accurate business plan with both start up and cash flow costs nailed down as much as humanly possible without a crystal ball.  There will be very, very little guesswork and you can bet your ass I'll be driving that point home with any commercial lending institutions I talk to.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to the great, great guys at Helios Design + Build for taking their valuable time in helping me with this endeavor and I'll tell you right now, any construction that I need done will be done by them.  I could do the old get three bids route, which I've done many times before when getting large construction projects completed on my house, but I won't.  My gut tells me it would be pointless.  There's no way anyone would be able to beat the knowledge and service and Helios, at any price.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wouldn't have even known of Helios were it not for my friend Jeff Sommers.  Jeff is an extraordinary architect who specializes in environmentally sound projects.  His firm is Square Root Architecture + Design.  Remember that.

Also, I want to thank Doug and Tracy at Metropolitan Brewing for opening their respective kimonos and giving me the full frontal...for the brewery of course.  This project would never happen without their uncompromising generosity and you can bet that their generosity will NEVER be forgotten.

I'm am absolutely thrilled right now.  My endorphins are on overtime.  Seriously.

(Now, a quick note to any budding brewery owners:  please don't contact/harass/harangue Helios or Metropolitan for the information I just mentioned.  All of this info was provided to me on good faith, and I only mention them by name as a thank you and also to promote their businesses in the small way that I can right now.  Remember that I interned at Metropolitan for five weeks, sans pay.  Well, I was paid, but my payment was knowledge and generosity, which quite frankly is worth more than any dollar amount.  The information and help from Metro was earned through hard work and by being authentic.  Helios was more serendipity than anything else, but again, I made the effort to meet with them and talk authentically about who I am and what I'm doing.  I think they could sense my level of focus and seriousness.  If you want access to this kind of information, you can get it from your local breweries and businesses, but you have to provide something in return.  That means making some sacrifices and working your ass off.  And if you're not willing to do that, you might want to find a different industry to get into, 'cause that's what craft brewing is all about.  I'm not preaching I'm just conveying what I've learned personally. )