Milestone: Numbers (No, really this time. Honest.)

If only it were that easy. Last week I posted about having all of my costs for the brewery including start up costs and monthly expenses, except for glycol chiller installation. Well, I also discovered that I didn't have the cost for steam boiler installation too. That's kind of a big expense to miss.

Now I have both. Boom. So now I really, really have all of my numbers. It's amazing to me how fast this has taken off. Back in January I had only a vague idea of a few of the major costs required to start a brewery. Now I have everything I can think of.

It helps when you literally walk through a brewery with the owner like Doug at Metropolitan and write down every item you see and the names and numbers of some of the people who install or sell said item. That's exactly what we did and I highly recommend doing that with a local brewery if you can. Just take an hour and walk through the brewery, pen and paper in hand, and write down everything. Doug not only pointed out some components I hadn't thought about (like an industrial air compressor), but he also told me how much said item might cost, where he bought it, and the contact info for the installer who set it up for him (like the walk in cooler). This was extremely helpful.

Sure, there are a few things here and there I've missed, but I feel very confident that I have all the estimated costs for 99% of the equipment, installation, and monthly expenses that I need to get Panic Alarmist Brewing up and running.

Feels good. Real good.