Quickie: Progress This Week

Biggest accomplishment this week: not being hungover from yesterday evening's Beer Under Glass event to kick of Chicago Craft Beer Week. But wait, there's more! Looking to sponsor, baby!

I did lots of spreadsheet tweaking and created a simple start up cost spreadsheet which is just pulling info from existing spreadsheets, just in a more clear and concise format for banks to peruse. This is very similar to an opening day balance sheet, so I will have that done very shortly as well. The biggest chunk of progress for the business plan this week was the written portion. I've completed the first draft of the "Business Description" and "Products and Service" sections and have begun the "Marketing Plan" section. That section will be the longest and most involved. Lenders want to know how you plan on making money and you tell them that with the marketing plan. I have or will be going into the following topics in this section:

  • Craft beer growth using statistics from the Brewers Association website.  Great stuff here.
  • Chicago's lack of craft beer breweries compared to much smaller cities such as Portland, OR.
  • My use of this blog, Facebook, and Twitter to promote Panic Alarmist. Here I will be stressing my technical background as a key advantage.
  • How exports of craft beer have exploded, again pointing to statistics from the Brewers Association.
  • How my flagship beers carve a niche in a crowded marketplace.
  • Explaining how I'll be promoting Panic Alarmist at the many, many craft beer events that Chicago has each and every week.
  • Detailing number of new craft beer centric bars that are opening in Chicago and existing bars and restaurants that are catering to more craft beer selections.
  • How my failure in the porn industry should have very little negative affect on the brand image. Did I say "little"?  There's that word again!
  • How getting distribution isn't a big challenge anymore and how a distributor complements your marketing efforts.
There will be much more in that section but that's what I have thus far.
I also delved into custom tap handles and t-shirt quotes. I'll be posting about tap handles about 15 minutes after this post is up.