Some Updates

The harbinger of doom in blogging is to not blog regularly, so I need to get back at it. Here are some updates. I have ordered T-shirts and will be selling them to any interested parties. They should be printed by end of this week. When they are done, I'll post some pictures and more info. I really like how they look and my friend/designer Scott did a great job with them. These shirts will be standard crew neck American Apparel for men, and V-neck Bella for women. Very high quality and comfortable as hell. Price will be $16 I think. I won't be making any money from them on this run as there are initial set up costs. My main goal for these shirts is a) for me to have one! b) for anyone else who wants to help spread the word in a very comfortable and stylish manner.

"The Case of the Missing Case of Beer"

I met with an attorney last night over some beers. Very nice guy and seems quite knowledgable and affordable. Once we get moving along a bit more, I'll post more info on him and what he's done for me. He's looking to become the go to lawyer for the Chicago craft beer industry, so it's a match made in heaven. I'll be paying him to write up my equity offering plan, trademark filing, and business incorporation paperwork. Very excited.

Oh, that business plan? Well, I continue to tweak here and there. I found a few minor things I needed to add. All in all, I'd say I need about another 8 hours of work to tweak, format, massage, and print. That will happen before next week is over. No really, I'm tired of looking at it.

Much more to come. Stay tuned, and thanks everyone for your support!