Time To Get Busy (heh)

I've received so many great compliments from people over the past couple of weeks via email, Tweets, Facebook messages, and even in analog! It's very humbling that so many people are finding Panic's (now named Alarmist) site and taking the time to read the articles. You have my deepest gratitude and I will continue to go into more and more detail as the process moves forward. But.... I need to move the process forward. And blogging is cutting into that time tremendously. So, here's the deal. I'm going to back off the long posts and only do quick updates for the next few weeks.  I'll post just enough to let everyone know I'm still here and progress continues. I have to get the business plan completed. And finalize the logo design. And go to the Craft Beer Conference next week. And order T-shirts (yeah, T-shirts). Oh, and work on my flagship recipes, which means brew. Especially the IPA.

Bring on the floods!

Oh, but that's not all. Yeah, 'cause I decided that I have so much free time with two young boys to raise and all those silly "family" obligations that I thought it would be fun to take on not one, but two massive DIY projects in my back yard.  One consists of two gigantic raised garden beds I built out of cedar.  I decided that having only one 24'x4' garden bed container wasn't enough so I've built two which will double the size of our vegetable garden. They're done, but I have to install them which requires digging out 28 holes for the 2x4 cedar steaks to go into to. I've started calling them my arks. My tenants are probably wondering if they're ever going to get installed. They've been sitting in the back yard for about 4 weeks now. I completed their construction two weeks ago.

The other project is a pergola over the patio. But first my wife wants to extend the patio pavers out a bit. Sigh.

At least I don't have anything else going on...like coordinating a massive English barley wine group brew for one of the 53 gallon Templeton Rye barrels I have in my basement. So there's that.

Anyway, blogging will be quick and light. I have about a dozen posts I want to write but I just have to focus on the business plan for the next few weeks and start shopping around for loans (I started that process this week too, basic fact finding, taking the temperature of the commercial lending market).

Hang on tight folks, things are moving very fast now.