Why Is It So Bare In Here?

You come to a website/blog about opening a brewery and there are no damn images or logos or nothin'! Not even a picture of beer! What's the deal?  Don't you know about branding? Look, a picture of beer!

Yeah, I know, I know, the cupboard could use a coat of paint for sure. Well, it's in progress.  I'm working with some folks on getting my entire branding designed. They're busy, I'm busy, we're all damn busy!  I assure you, the logo, colors, design, all that stuff is coming soon.  The term "panic" elicits lots of emotions and memories for people so I'm trying to get it right.  I want "panic" to be conveyed more as urgency rather than fear or anxiety.  I don't think marketing my brand as fearful or anxiety inducing would be such a great idea.  Who knows?  Some people think having dildos as tap handles is a good idea.

I have lots of irons in the fire and branding is just one of them.  Hang on, it's coming!