You're Gonna Be Huge Kid, Huge!

Panic Alarmistis starting to get some more press and I'm absolutely thrilled! First, I was interviewed a couple of months ago by Dan O'Shea for the inaugural edition of Mash Tun: A Craft Beer Journal, a new craft beer publication here in Chicago. It will be officially released tomorrow at the Beer Under Glass event kicking off Chicago Craft Beer Week. Needless to say, I'll be there. Just gotta get him to hold still.

Second, Jessica Murphy profiled me on her awesome Chicago craft beer centric blog, Girls Like Beer Too. As Jessica mentions in the post, pretty much everything you need to know about me and this brewery is detailed on this very blog. She also mentions that things keep changing as I do more research. Boy is that true! For instance, Jessica is unaware that as of 3 hours ago, Panic Alarmist has completely changed its business model. Instead of craft beer, Panic Alarmist will focus on flavored malt beverages sourcing all ingredients from the Antarctic. If you've ever hankered for penguin guano flavored alcoholic beverages, man have I got you covered. After that, walrus blubber fortified wine.

Thanks to Dan and Jessica for spreading the word.