Alarmist Tap Room Beer Subscription


Alarmist Tap Room Beer Subscription

from 82.75

Price includes 10.25% State/County/City sales taxes! Hurray!

Subscribe to our monthly howler fill program and save money! Each subscription month gets you 1 x 64 oz growler OR 2 x 32 oz howlers (howler = 1/2 growler) fills from our soon to be open tap room. We prefer 2 x 32 oz howlers vs a single 64 oz growler. You can get two different beers each month or fill both with the same beer. Choice is yours when you visit the tap room. 

Once the tap room is open, howlers will run about $7.50-$8.00 (+ tax) each for standard beers, growlers $15-$16 (+tax) each.

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Fills per Month (64 oz Growler/32 oz Howler):
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Ever open a 64 oz growler, not finish it, then go to drink the rest a few days later? Stale, oxidized, and flat. Yuck. With 2 howlers, you open one and the other stays fresh until you're ready to enjoy it. And 32 oz is a lot easier to finish than 64 oz, right? RIGHT?!! But hey, you want a growler, we're here to help. 

Each subscription includes 1 x 64 ox growler fill per month OR 2 x 32 oz howler fills per month You will receive your growlers/howlers when you come in for your first fills. Bring them back each month. Lost growlers/howlers can be replaced for $4 each. 

Please Note:

Subscription fills are good for standard beers. Standard beers include pale ales, IPAs, stouts, pilsners, etc. This includes seasonals and experimental beers. 

Special beers can be filled for an additional cost based on the beer. Examples include Double IPAs, imperial stouts, barrel aged beers. Don't worry, we'll take care of our members.